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Crossroads tour kicks!

This. Is. It. The MONSTER blog tour you've been waiting for.

No seriously, you've really been waiting for it, because THIS year, 21 authors are taking part in The Crossroads Blog Tour, not only giving you - yes YOU - the chance get to know some creeptastic authors in YA paranormal fiction, but also the opportunity to WIN a Kindle loaded with books by each author on the tour. That's 21 spooktacular reads to get you well past the Halloween season.

Each day for the next seven, we'll feature authors from the tour. To win the Kindle, check out the posts from each of the participating bloggers and then head to Crossroads headquarters where you'll find a "daily clue." It's a fangtastic scavenger hunt with a potentially monster pay-off.

But you knew all this, right? Because, of course, this is the blog tour you've been waiting for.

We're thrilled to kick off the 2013 tour with these three authors: Dorothy Dreyer, Ty Drago and Sarah Bromley.

The Grim Reaper seems to be a bit of a theme this year. What’s unique about Mr. Death in your book, My Sister’s Reaper?
The thing that’s unique about my Reaper is, he’s not just in it for any old soul. Zadie and her sister have something special in their blood the Reaper craves. The main character, Zadie, messed up his plan to take her sister and ruined everything, so now he’s outraged. More than ever, he’s determined to claim the soul that escaped him, even if it means torturing Zadie’s sister and everyone else who comes in the path of his rage.

What are some of your go-to supernatural resources for your writing?
I think I’ve gotten most of my supernatural knowledge from the actual show Supernatural. (Love those Winchesters!) They’ve probably touched upon every form of supernatural entity known worldwide … or will, sooner or later. Other than that, I like to read young adult paranormals and tales of supernatural. And then there’s Wikipedia.

Newest/Upcoming Release: My Sister's Reaper
Twitter: @DorothyDreyer

Your characters have really diverse character traits – who is the most fun to write? The most challenging? Who is most like a young you?

Who is the most fun to write?  Honesty, I think it’s Tom Jefferson, Chief of the Undertakers.  He’s just so utterly cool and composed, always one step ahead of everyone else.  I admire his confidence and selflessness and I really enjoy discovering new things about him.  In the fourth book, we actually get into his head for a bit, which I’m thoroughly enjoying!

Who is the most challenging?  That’s easy; it’s Helene Boettcher.  She’s the only character who’s actually patterned (somewhat) after a living person: my wife, Helene Boettcher Drago. From the first book, I’ve tried to write her in a manner that’s true to the real Helene: the same strength, the same courage, the same no-nonsense, frank and honest way of dealing with the world.  And, of course, since the real Helene is my “First Read”, nothing that the fictional Helene does escapes her scrutiny!  So I have to careful! 

Who is the most like a young ME?  Ugh.  I wish I’d been more like these kids when I was their age!  Truth be told: if I’d started Seeing Corpses one day, I think I’d have either dropped dead from fear or been killed within the first ten minutes!  It would be more accurate to say that Will, with his reckless courage and selfless disregard for his own safety, is probably the character I always most wanted to be like as a boy.  Not the same thing though, is it?

Based on the corpse descriptions on your fun website, if you stumbled upon a zombie horde in a dark alley, which “type” would you be most prepared for – and why?

Give me a hoard of Type Fives, any day!  These guys are so badly decomposed that a stiff wind will knock them over.  Then I could just grab a handy two-by-four and swing away, knocking off heads and limbs with wild abandon!
Newest/Upcoming Release: Secret of the Corpse Eater, 3rd book in the Undertaker series
Twitter: @TyDrago

Murder of Magpies, Seven Devils in a Pie – all of your projects have such great titles. Where does the inspiration come from? What makes a good title?

A MURDER OF MAGPIES was such a dark, little title for a dark, little book. There is murder in the book and some magpies. There’s some mystery and elusiveness to the title, and my hope is the book lives up to the expectation. SEVEN DEVILS IN A PIE is quirky, tongue-in-cheek, and tells you exactly what happens in that story. When I told my agent the title, I believe her reaction was a long pause, then a laugh followed by, “Oh, my God. It’s perfect.” Something to that effect. Titles need to be evocative. They need to make you stop and think for a moment. One word titles can have that effect as well, but choosing them becomes all that much harder. You definitely want something that stands out and also gives the tone of the book.

By your own admission, you are a lover of all things spooky. What’s a typical Halloween like around your house?

We decorate quite a bit. My husband hates that stringy spider web stuff, but I put it all over our front bushes. We have lights and bats and jack-o-lanterns out front. Inside, I have this hideous raven that I perch above our living room drapes, and I have scared the hell out of my husband and my mother-in-law with that thing just by its presence. I attend the Halloween celebration at my children’s schools, be it playing room mom in my devil horns for the party or going to the parade to see all the little ones in their costumes. I watch John Carpenter’s “Halloween” every year and dress up as a witch to go out with my three kids. We live in a cul-de-sac and set a fire pit to make s’mores when we’re done trick-or-treating. The firemen always bring the fire truck and hand out candy. It’s a real event in our neighborhood! Afterward, the kids come inside and watch Charlie Brown while sorting candy. Once they’re in bed, I usually watch “Halloween” again just because I can!

Newest/Upcoming Release: A Murder of Magpies (2014)
Twitter: @Sarah_Bromley

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