Monday, July 23, 2012

Monster Monday: Cryptid Cries

For weeks my husband and I have heard strange sounds in the woods behind our house. The above picture is one I took last fall as we were walking on one of the many trails. The cries occur at night and in the early morning hours. If we’re outside with the dogs, the sounds are enough to have all three of them charging our back fence.

I can only describe what we heard as screams. Eerie, demonic cries that echoed in the darkness. A few nights ago, the screams sounded like they were coming from inside our yard. So close – the creature that made them could very well have been on our deck. Yet, as soon as we turned on the deck light, the sounds stopped. Creepiest. Thing. Ever.

Since we couldn’t sleep, we searched online and found sites listing the mammals in our region. We listened to recorded calls for bobcat, bear, moose, elk, wolves, and finally heard the screams that had been haunting us in an unlikely source.

A little wee, redfox vixen. Have a boo at this video and you’ll hear the screams:

Amazing that such a small creature can sound so evil. And big. The point of this tale? The experience gave us a taste of what it's like to investigate cryptids. The need to KNOW just what was out there - was overwhelming.

I leave you with this video from Northern Alberta, men listening to ominous sounds of an unidentified beastie in the forest and ask - what do YOU think it could be?

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  1. Dude, if I'd been hearing something like a vixen's scream, I dunno if I'd have stuck around long enough to investigate!

    Meanwhile, regarding that unidentified sound in that second clip - lawdhammercy!!!!! Eeeeeek!
    Some Dark Romantic