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Crossroads Blog Tour: Final Day!

THIS. IS. IT. The final day of The Crossroads Blog Tour - and we couldn't be more thrilled to end off the tour with these fabulous authors: Kelly Hashway, Elizabeth Holloway, and Molly Cohran.

Don't forget, this is your last chance to check out the rest of stops on the tour for your chance to WIN a Kindle preloaded with more than 20 creeptastic reads. After you check out the posts from each of the participating bloggershead to Crossroads headquarters where you'll find a "daily clue." It's a fangtastic scavenger hunt with a potentially monster pay-off.

We’re intrigued by Touch of Death and the fun twist on the Medusa lore. What was the inspiration for this series? 

There’s a myth about Medusa and Poseidon that I sort of ran with for this series. In that myth, Medusa was wrongfully cursed by Athena because Athena was jealous that Poseidon loved Medusa instead of her. This myth isn’t widely known and I wanted to show a Medusa that most people haven’t seen. I figured having a group of her descendants who shared her abilities would be a great way to bring this lesser-known myth to light.

Lots of books on the horizon for you – which one are you most excited about? What’s the key to keeping your butt in the chair to write? 

Oh, I can’t answer that. Lol I really do love each of my books for different reasons. I can’t write a story I’m not in love with. As for keeping my butt in the chair and writing, I have a strict schedule. I know when I’m supposed to be writing and I just do it like it’s any other job. But truth be told, once I start, it’s tough to get me out of that chair. I love what I do.

Newest/Upcoming Release: Touch of Death
Twitter: @kellyhashway

Describe Libbi Piper, the protagonist from Call Me Grim in a 140-character tweet. What’s her most unique quality?

Libbi's an artist, an average student, snarky, stubborn, full of heart and humor. These qualities combine to get her into lots of trouble.

I think her most unique qualities are her overactive imagination and artistic view of the world.

As the reigning Pictionary Queen, what has been your most memorable word to draw? Your most challenging?

I don’t know about Pictionary Queen, but I’ll take Pictionary Princess. I always wanted to be a princess. I also wanted to be a mermaid and a unicorn, but whatever. My most memorable word to draw was probably “underwear”, since it elicited a hilarious reaction from my kids, once they figured it out. The hardest words to draw are any you might find on a map, since my entire family is geographically challenged.

Newest/Upcoming Release: Call Me Grim, the first in the Chronicles of a Reaper
Twitter: @eholloway300

Your blog is great. In one post, you talk about your former life as a ghostwriter. What are the challenges of going from ghostwriter to having a novel published under your own name? 

First, Wow! I didn’t think anyone actually read my blog, which is about writing technique—never a popular topic—so thanks. Actually, the transition from ghostwriter to author was, in my case, a very lengthy process. After ghostwriting twelve novels and four nonfiction books, I went into partnership with another writer. Together we produced several bestsellers, including GRANDMASTER, THE TEMPLE DOGS, and THE FOREVER KING. Unfortunately, we got married, and everything eventually came unraveled. So now I’m working on my third writing career, and experiencing a freedom I’ve never before known. Live and learn.

You list American Idol as your guilty pleasure. Who is your favourite judge? Was there a participant you wanted to win but didn’t? And – have you given The Voice a chance? 

Oh, you’ve found me out! I wish I could say I no longer watch that show, but I do. In fact, I bought Candace Glover’s CD the day after the finale. It’s much less fun without Simon Cowell, of course. He’s so wickedly honest, while remaining a gentleman. I watched one season of The Voice, but Christina Aguilera turned me off with her blatant rudeness. The camera actually showed her texting while one of the contestants, Tony Luca, was performing. I was really disappointed, since I’d always been a fan of Christina’s. I know she’s not on the show anymore, and I’ve watched a couple of times. Love Levine, Shelton, and Shakira, but still have a bad taste in my mouth over crude Christina.

Newest/Upcoming Release: Seduction
Twitter: @MollyCochranYA

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