Monday, October 24, 2011

Monster Monday: The Crossroads

Pop culture TV shows like Supernatural, currently in its 7th season, and films like Crossroads (1986), starring Ralph Macchio focus on the mythology suggesting humans barter their souls with crossroads demons for wealth, talent, fame or whatever their heart's desire. However, there is plenty of ghostly lore surrounding crossroads as well.

Back in the day, crossroads were where villages intersected, forging the belief that the spirit realm and our world also collided here. Murderers were put to death and then buried at crossroads, as were suicide victims denied burial in consecrated ground. These restless souls are said to haunt crossroads, so beware! Crossroads are also thought to be places of great magic and power - the go-to location for complex spells.

Survival tip: German lore says if you’re being chased by a demon, lead it to a crossroads where it will be sent back to its world with a shriek of terror. Of course, then you’ll have to out wit any crossroad ghosts that might be lingering.

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