Monday, February 13, 2012

Monster Monday - Cupid

Ifyou’re one of the millions waiting for Cupid to shoot an arrow through yourheart this week, chances are you’re looking for love in all the wrong places.

Surethat chubby cherub is a Hallmark staple, but the real Cupid has gone throughmany transformations over the years. From the god of desire in Roman mythologyto the crass, fat guy on last year’s Valentine’s Day episode of Supernatural, one thing remainsconsistent – Cupid’s arrows pack a powerful punch.

InLatin literature, Cupid’s ability to compel love and desire plays aninstigating role in several myths. Even Ovid gives Cupid a role as the patronsaint of love poets.

Butcontrary to popular belief, not everyone is looking forward to a shot throughthe heart this Tuesday.

While perhaps never depicted as a monster, a Cupidsighting for the unloved,unrequited and the just plain desperate can be downright terrifying.

Survival Tip: More than happy to staysingle? Stay in, order pizza, and watch your favourite movies. But stay clearof romantic comedies, or you’ll be wearing your heart on your sleeve before youcan say, "Back off, Cupid."

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