Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Crossroads Blog Tour: Day 3

Day 3 of  The Crossroads Blog Tour already?  October is flying by! How are you doing on the scavenger hunt?

Today on the blog, we're thrilled to host Jackie Kessler Morse and Nicola Marsh, two spooktacular authors of young adult paranormal tales.

And of course, don't forget to check out the rest of stops on the tour for your chance to WIN a Kindle preloaded with more than 20 creeptastic reads. After you check out the posts from each of the participating bloggershead to Crossroads headquarters where you'll find a "daily clue." It's a fangtastic scavenger hunt with a potentially monster pay-off.

We love that Neil Gaiman is such an inspiration for your work. What's the best "osmosis" advice you've received from him?

 Isn't he great? Back in the early 1990s, Neil signed an Endless poster, from his amazing Sandman comic series, for me. On the poster, he wrote: "Jackie: Dream on." It felt like he gave me permission to dream big, and to do what I needed to transform those dreams into achievable goals -- in my case, to be a published author. That poster is framed and hanging in my home office, along with a framed picture of Neil holding a copy of Hunger. (Squee!) I saw Neil this June, when he was in Saratoga Springs for his Ocean signing, and I thanked him for being my inspiration to write. I told him (in a reedy breath, with the words barely able to come out because I was REALLY talking to THE NEIL GAIMAN) that without him, I most likely wouldn't have 10 (almost 11) published novels right now. And then he hugged me, and my brain short circuited. :)

The Post Mortem column on your website is such a great book review forum! Who has been Death's most intriguing interview?

Thanks! I wish I had more energy and time to do more of these interviews, but for the moment, there's just the handful. I enjoyed doing all of them, because they all reveal different sides of characters that we otherwise might not see. One of my favorites is when Death from my Riders series interviews Rachel Caine's Shane from her amazing Morganville Vampires series. Shane and Death, hanging out? Oh yeah. Totally. :) If things change and I have more time, then Post Mortem will relaunch in 2014. Positive thoughts, everyone! :D

Newest/Upcoming Release: Breathe
Twitter: @JackieMorseKess

Scion of the Sun is a bit of a diversion from your regular writing wheelhouse. What was the catalyst for the switch-up?

I became hooked on reading YA after the Twilight phenomenon and have been devouring YA books ever since. After writing 40+ romances, I wanted to see if I could write a YA…and Scion of the Sun is the result. It has a little of everything: suspense, mystery, romance, paranormal. I love a heroine with snark and Holly is all that and more as she teleports to a parallel Druid existence outside of NYC and discovers nothing is as it seems.

Looks like you’re well on your way to writing 100 books – an ambitious “bucket list” goal. What’s your best “follow your dreams” advice for youth?

Never give up. Nothing in life comes easy. You need to work hard at it. And when you get knocked down along the way, pick yourself up and forge on, more determined than ever.

Newest/Upcoming Release: Scion of the Sun
Twitter: @NicolaMarch

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