Monday, August 15, 2011

Monster Monday: Windigo

Windigo is a shapeshifter canibal creature of Algonquian, Cree and Ojibwe lore with the ability to assume multiple forms, mimic voices and has a heart of ice. Residing in the North it is the face of winter, famine and isolation. Many believe windigo began as human, perhaps woodsmen lost in winter storms and resorted to cannibalism to survive - only to find themselves burdened with a never ending craving for human flesh. They are often described as gigantic creatures with supernatural strength and speed. They are cunning hunters and dwell in dark, Northern forests.

Just as the windigo can take on many guizes, there are many variations in spelling and pronunciation of its name: weedigo, wehndigo, wetigo, etc.

Do not be fooled. These are all the same creature and they are hungry for you.

Be warned, to dream of windigo is to become windigo, this canibal spirit can possess humans via the dreamworld. Arm yourselves with silver, as with most shapeshifters, the windigo can be killed by silver to the heart.

Windigo join our ever growing, ravenous list of Most-Wanted Monsters.

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