Monday, August 29, 2011

Monster Monday: Mermaids

Contrary to popular culture depictions of fair in looks and fair of voice do-gooding, starry-eyed mermaids, these mystical sea creatures may have a malevolent agenda. A mermaid's kiss can heal and her tears might hold magical powers, however, her voice and otherworldly beauty are weapons she uses liberally. Mermaids are often grooming their long flowing locks and singing captivating melodies while perched, scantily clad, upon sunbaked rocks.

Entrapment much?

If merely seen from afar, mermaids are harbingers of devastating storms or nautical disasters. A close encounter can lead a young man to his watery grave wherein the mermaid will feed upon his soul. Mermen are more reclusive, yet are equally as ravenous as their female counterparts, capable of consuming their own young in fits of hunger.

Fair thee well as you journey along rocky shores, or peruse the beach for pretty little sea shells - for these horrific creatures remain AT LARGE.

Life-Saving Tip: One way to defeat a mermaid is to ensure it has NO access to water as it will soon dry up and die.

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  1. Good grief. That is a CREEPY mermaid. No wonder Disney "prettied" up the Little Mermaid.