Monday, July 11, 2011

Monster Monday: Frankenstein

The Patchwork Monster

Frankenstein is the most sophisticated of the Not-Quite-Dead. He can speak, learn, reason, feel emotion – his story is considered the genesis of the science fiction genre and his influence is profound, even today. In this age of stem cell research and advances in cloning, etc, this creature is extremely dangerous.

Frankenstein disappeared at the end of the first-hand account of his tale, right after murdering his re-animator, Victor Frankenstein. The creature said he was going do himself in, but no body was ever found and countless pop culture references to him continue to emerge. He is considered AT LARGE. Literally. The guy is huge – 7 feet tall or something.

Life-Saving Fact: The chemical and electrical forces believed to give Frankenstein his strength also form his weakness: his chemically-treated body is extremely flammable.

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