Monday, July 18, 2011

Monster Monday: Vampires

Vampires: Masters of Reinvention

From Bram Stoker’s classic fiction debut, based on real life Vlad the Impaler, to teen heartthrob and de-fanged Edward, no other monster has enjoyed such pop-culture, Madonna-esque transformations as the vampire.

But don’t be a sucker. While he may have charmed his way into our homes via breakfast cereals and his progeny may smile dreamily from Twilight pillowcases - the original Dracula has eluded capture and remains one of the deadliest, sexiest monsters known to man.

Dracula tops our MOST-WANTED list from the Not-Quite-Dead category.

After-Life-Saving Fact: Want to ensure you don’t come back as a blood sucking fiend? Plan aHEAD. Request to be decapitated before burial (and good luck with that), or settle for a simple cremation. Dust doesn’t come back.

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