Monday, July 25, 2011

Tall fish tale or real-life water monster?

In 865, a lone fisherman was casting for salmon when he saw a huge snake-like head rise from the deep Scottish waters.

More than 1400 years later, a London traveller was sailing those same waters when he claimed to have seen a prehistoric creature gliding across the black surface with a small animal dangling from its mouth.

These were the first documented accounts of the Loch Ness Monster, today considered the most famous of the water beasts – and one of the elusive. Seriously. Evidence of her existence is mainly anecdotal, backed only by a few (very) sketchy photos and a half dozen sonar readings.

Tales of actual Loch Ness attacks are few, but don’t let her cute nickname fool you. Experts say"Nessie" most closely resembles a plesiosaur, a type of aquatic carnivore – chances are there’d be little left of you to share the tale.

Old Nessie remains AT LARGE (some reports claim 20-feet long large) and ranks high in the Most-Wanted-Monsters book of Cryptids.

Life Saving Fact
Stay close to shore! Lake monsters like their water deep and cold.

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