Monday, September 5, 2011

Most-Wanted Monsters Monday - Leprechauns

The Leprechaun is a type of fairy in Irish folklore, known for busily making shoes and squirreling away his gold in a hidden pot at the end of the rainbow. Cute, right?

Unless you dig a little (or a lot) deeper. This green, bearded “short stuff” has a reputation for practical jokes that in some cases are more than just mischievous – they’re downright evil. At least in pop culture.

A great myth of Leprechaun legend is their ability to grant 3 wishes to any mortal who caught them. Full of blarney, the Leprechauns were of course, lying through their teeth to escape captivity. Many a Leprechaun has fallen off his drinking stool laughing at the trickery they've performed on hapless mortals. Indeed, the 'I'll grant you 3 wishes if you let me go' trick is the oldest in the books of most Fae, but humans never learn.

Unconvinced? Check out the serial killer fairy in the Leprechaun movies. (*shudder*) Them’s are some creepy fairies you don’t want to mess with, no matter how big the pot of gold.

Life saving tip: Leprechauns rank high on our Most-Wanted Monsters hit list – and not because we’re looking to get rich quick. They’re creepy little buggers. To avoid them, stay the heck away from the end of the rainbow.

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