Monday, September 26, 2011

Monster Monday: Sasquatch

Sasquatch are ape-like, hairy humanoids often thought of as wild men and may also be referred to as Bigfoot. Some tales suggest the Sasquatch are fearful of man and seek only to remain hidden and live out their lives peacefully, while others tell of larger-than-life monsters who carry off victims to suffer unknown horrors.

Next to UFOs, Sasquatch sightings or footprint impressions are one of the most commonly reported unexplained encounters. They are also the subjects of numerous hoaxes, with the truth discovered via video and photo analysis, fossil comparisons, or the debunking of anthropologists and zoologists. However, the Sasquatch remains a scientific possibility. So if you’re traipsing through the foothills or hiking in the mountains – BE VIGILANT! You may want to practice your observation skills by conducting this Selective Attention Test:

Survival Tip: Yelling, act your age, not your shoe size, may not be the best way to reprimand a Sasquatch who has wandered into your camp. Try RUNNING AWAY instead. Once you’re too far away to record any solid details, do take a few blurry pictures or indistinct video footage.

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