Monday, September 12, 2011

Monster Monday: Screamers

When terror builds, sometimes all you can do is scream. Humans may scream in rage, despair, fear, pain or even in moments of joy. Ironically monsters also utilize their voices, pleasant or otherwise, in a variety of ways to attract, warn, stun or even kill. We call them the screamers.

Sirens hum or sing enticing melodies drawing humans to their deaths. Banshees wail and weep, warning that a family member is about to die. Shapeshifters can mimic the voices and appearances of humans or other creatures, making them the ultimate chameleons and most difficult to track. If you hear fairy music, you may be compelled to dance without rest and eventually meet your death.

Survival Tip: The expression "music soothes the savage beast" may apply in some situations. Monsters may be distracted, appalled or entranced by a human's singing voice, or perhaps the unexpectedness of music piped through an iPod or a cell phone ring tone. However, this technique meets with mixed results. Use at own risk.

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