Monday, May 21, 2012

Monster Monday: The Queen of Monster Moms

Forget Lady Gaga, the self-professed Mother Monster, on this Victoria Day long weekend we're celebrating the true Queen of Monster Moms. You know, the acid-blood spilling, breeding machine of an extra-terrestrial from the ALIEN films, often referred to as xenomoph, but never really named. And that's okay, you won't care what she's called if you run into this momma. You'll just tremble in fear.

1979 was the beginning of ALIEN, a sci-fi monster saga that's still going strong today if the buzz surrounding Ridley Scott's indirect prequel, Prometheus, is any indication. It's in the second film, ALIENS, that we see the Queen in all her glory as she fights against the human female, Ripley, with her own maternal instincts in high gear.

It's a we're-so-not-soccer-moms showdown of epic proportions.

Survival Tip: Fire seems to be the most reliable source of injury to xenomoph. When exploring space, keep a futuristic flame thrower handy.

Can't wait for Prometheus? Neither can we! Let's watch the trailer:

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  1. That's a cool observation of alien movies. Your blog is pretty cool looking too. I like the ink blots.