Monday, May 28, 2012

Monster Monday: Not your fairytale Mom

All month we’ve paid tribute to monstrous mothers – from Grendal’s mom to the Queen of the Alien flicks, these dangerous mama bears have some serious bite.

But what about the mums with less, er, obvious monstrous traits? Don’t let their human faces fool you, some of the most spine-tingling of mothers can be found in your common fairy tale – and don’t even get us started on step moms.
Cinderella’s mother exploited her, Snow White’s mommy dearest was jealous of her (and we all know how that story ends) and poor Coraline had not one, but two deadbeat Moms, one who had no time for her, and another who ruled the monstrous “other world.”
Of course, we’d be remiss to leave out the evil mama from Carrie and the dead mom from Psycho that turned Norman Bates, well, psycho.
Good grief, is it any wonder some folks have Mommy Dearest issues?
There doesn’t appear to be a shortage of monstrous mothers – but what about tales of devilish Dads? Join us in June as we uncover the most dangerous of the pops.


  1. Dawn, stepmoms have it rough. LOL
    - Maurice Mitchell
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