Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A to Z Challenge Winners!

Whew - we weren't quite sure we'd make it out April alive, but we did it! 26 post about our favourite beasties for the A to Z Blogging Challenge - avec poems to celebrate Poetry Month. Not too shabby. I'm still amazed that Dawn took up the challenge on her two other blogs as well, with equally cool themes. WhatYAReading? on her blog, The Oubliette, as well as her Dawn Ius blog (reserved for her adult thriller fiction), Through The Looking Glass featuring music that inspires her.

Anyway - we've randomly selected 4 winners (one per week in the month of April) from the commenters on our A to Z posts. These lucky souls will each receive a Kindle edition of SPIRITED: 13 Haunting Tales in which Dawn and I both have a ghostly tale. We know you'll love this anthology of best-selling and wicked new young adult authors.


S.L. Hennessy

Jeremy Bates



Thanks to all who dropped by during the challenge!


  1. Wow, thanks so much! I don't actually have a Kindle, but I'm really honored to have won. I really enjoyed reading your blog throughout the challenge!

  2. Don't worry S.L, we'll hook you up. Thanks for reading throughout :-)