Thursday, August 2, 2012

Monster Monday (ish): Mothman

It's probably the mosquitoes that are causing you the most angst in the past week, but if moths and butterflies also give you the heebie jeebies, you're really going to shudder over this week's monster profile, the Mothman.

Described as a man-sized creature with wings of a moth and red eyes, the Mothman is believed to be a harbinger of doom. The monster was first spotted in 1966  by a number of residents in Charleston and Point Pleasant, just prior to the collapse of a suspension bridge that killed 46 people.

Since then, sightings have mostly tapered off, but that hasn't stopped residents of Point Pleasant from paying homage to the creature every year. Now in it's 10th year, the Mothman Festival takes place in early fall and features two days of mysterious, family-fun events, high profile guest speakers, a hayride, and...a pageant? Want to check it out? Find out more at

Survival Tip: Like all cryptids, the Mothman's existence is not supported by science, but it does occupy a unique place in pop culture, lending enough credence to make a person wary. While there have been no accounts of the Mothman harming anyone, a sighting may not be good news for you and your loved ones. Maybe avoid the festival...


  1. Love the movie The Mothman Prophecies. So creepy.

  2. Sounds like "Point Pleasant" is a misnomer, if the Mothman's a local. :-)
    Some Dark Romantic