Monday, August 6, 2012

Monster Monday: Thunderbird

We watch them soar over fields, mountain ranges, and bodies of water. Feed them in parks. Keep them in cages.

How we love birds - angry, or otherwise.

They've been the subjects of cartoons, comics, horror films, video games, epic poems, and it has been argued they’re the modern evolutionary representatives of the dinosaur - they've even inspired the creation of cars, motor cycles, jet planes, computer software, and musical instruments. Symbols of wisdom, victory, messengers, guidance, protection, strength, freedom, rebirth, death, and more - the bird has certainly captured our collective imagination.

Yet no species has inspired both fear and awe like the legendary aboriginal creature, the Thunderbird. With supernatural power and a vast wingspan, the beating of a Thunderbird’s wings is said to cause the thunder we hear in the sky. Lightning bolts burst from its eyes and it can generate fierce storms.

Some are said to assume human form to avenge their kind who have been captured by humans in the past. Cryptologists investigate current sightings and hope to discover where these giant birds nest. One account describes a massive bird that clutched a man in its claws and flew into the air for several feet before dropping the human to the earth and vanishing into the sky.

Survival Tip: Thunderbirds can be ornery and as moody as the storms they control. They also have a long memory and will wait for the right moment to strike. Best to avoid ticking them off by NEVER attempting to trap one of their flock.

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