Monday, August 20, 2012

Monster Monday: Nyx

The Greek goddess of night, Nyx can assume the form of a strikingly beautiful winged woman or a black bird. She walks in shadow and may dwell in dark caves. One of the oldest goddesses her power is great and to be feared. As are her children, Hypnos – god of sleep, Thanatos – god of death, Moros – god of doom, and many others.

When the mood strikes her, or if called upon by magic, Nyx serves as an oracle, foretelling of great or terrible events. Humans and gods are vulnerable in her presence, as both good and evil deeds can be performed or hidden under the veil of darkness.

Survival Tip: An ancient goddess, Nyx can not be defeated, however, her world is darkness, therefore the light of day may be the very thing to drive her off. If sunrise is hours away - there are always flashlights and nightlights.

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