Sunday, October 28, 2012

Crossroads Blog Tour: Amanda Ashby

Meet us at the CROSSROADS...

From small to big-gun presses, debut novels to bestsellers, we’re offering unprecedented (and free!) access to amazing YA authors. This October, thirteen paranormal writers will embark on an exciting blog tour that will hook readers up with great reads and cool SWAG. Today we're featuring the witty author from down under, Amanda Ashby.
You're a superhero fighting for truth, justice and the creative way. What writing "villains" would you banish with your mighty pen? (and what will your costume look like?)

My costume would be very snazzy, though it would also be comfortable and allow me to stretch without fear of ripping anything, so I’m thinking some cute hot pink skinny jeans (which I might already own) along with some green Converse (again, which I might already own). I would team it up with a top that covered all the necessary lumps and bumps. As for what writing villains that I would banish, it would have to be the ‘But’ Monster. This beast is the one who is always making excuses:

I would write some more words today, but…
I would like to try my hand at doing a ninja alien book, but….
I would stop eating chocolate today, but…

Actually, with the last one I really must deal with that or I won’t be able to fit into those skinny jeans anymore!

You're quite the world traveller! How have these experiences influenced your writing?

Probably the biggest thing that I’ve learnt from my travels is that while the scenery, language and customs might change from place to place, people are predominantly the same in that they still worry about getting their washing dried and paying their bills. I think this really helps me as a writer because I try and look for universal truths that a character might be feeling, rather than something that only relates to their specific culture. And actually, the book I am working on now is set in London, which is the first time I’ve actually written a book in a setting that I’m familiar with!

We agree - Joss Whedon IS a genius! What writing tips can new - or seasoned - writers learn from his genius?

Yay for team Joss! For me the thing that he teaches better than anyone else is emotion! He always looks for the true emotion that a character is feeling and then he explores it as fully as he can. And while we know he can do great action scenes (hello Avengers) he always looks for the heart of a character. Plus, he is funny as anything!

You're deserted on an island with ONLY bananas. You certainly won't eat them (you hate them) - how will you use them for survival?

Okay, this is a very evil question and if you run into a superhero dressed in cute pink skinny jeans and green sneakers, then you really only have yourselves to blame!!!! Thankfully, I am a complicated woman and while I do in fact hate and detest anything to do with raw bananas I do like them in muffins and cakes so, being the genius that I am, I would somehow figure out a way to make banana and coconut muffins and then lie in the shade and read. I can have some books, right?

Isn't she wicked cool?! Want to learn more...and get the scoop on when she'll be revealing the cover to her 2013 Puffin paranormal title, DEMONOSITY? Then follow Amanda on Twitter and check in on her website.


  1. The problem with bananas is that they're only edible for a short time. Too green, blech. Too ripe, double yuck (though good in muffins).

    Cool titles and covers!

  2. Thanks for dropping by Nicole. I agree with you guys - bananas are best in muffins or bread or cake....and maybe strawberry smoothies.