Monday, October 22, 2012

Crossroads Blog Tour: Janet Fox

Meet us at the CROSSROADS...

From small to big-gun presses, debut novels to bestsellers, we’re offering unprecedented (and free!) access to amazing YA authors. This October, thirteen paranormal writers will embark on an exciting blog tour that will hook readers up with great reads and cool SWAG.
 Today we're featuring Janet Fox.

writes award-winning fiction and non-fiction for children of all ages. Her most 

recent work is the young adult historical novel SIRENS (Speak/Penguin Young Readers), 
a "noire romance" set in the 1920s in New York City. She lives with her family in the 
mountains of Montana.

SIRENS is a pair of love stories, a gangster and a ghost. We're in! Give us the one-paragraph blurb to really reel us in.

“The “Roaring Twenties” was the age of flappers and bootleggers. Josephine Winter, seventeen, is sent to live with relatives in New York City after her bootlegging father receives a threat, but bookish Jo harbors her own secrets. While she finds friendship with lively Louise O’Keefe and romance with sweet jazz musician Charlie, she also comes to realize that the reason she’s sent into the city has everything to do with what she may know. Haunted by the spirit of her missing brother, Jo uncovers a nest of family lies that threaten everyone she loves, and Lou, in the thrall of the dangerous, seductive gangster Daniel Connor, is both Jo’s best friend and potential enemy. As Jo unlocks dark mysteries and Lou’s eyes are opened, the girls’ treacherous paths intertwine. In this “noire romance,” Jo and Lou together will have to stand up to Connor in order to find their hearts and hang onto their souls in the decade of decadence.”

What was the coolest thing you saw during your deep sea dive?

Oo – this is awesome. The submersible I rode in didn’t have great battery power, so we had to be kind of conservative with it, and that included using the lights outside our individual portholes. So the lights were out for a long time as we descended (which took about 3 hours). Somewhere close to the bottom I was given the okay to turn on my lights.

Well, you talk about aliens...we have them, right there in the oceans. Spirals and whirligigs, ladders and flagella – there were things floating outside that porthole that no one has ever seen before, nor is likely to see unless they go the way I did, because those delicate creatures would never make it up to the surface. How do they survive the great pressures at the ocean bottom? How do they cope without light? How do they create bioluminescence that makes them look like moving fireworks?
We have many mysteries yet to uncover right here on our own sweet planet.

What is the best writing advice you've ever received?

Never give up. Never surrender. (Ten extra points if you can identify where that came from!) Seriously – persistence is the key to creating something beautiful. Because with every new project your work gets better. So stick with it. Never give up.

You're a superhero fighting for truth, justice and the creative way. What writing "villains" would you banish with your mighty pen? (and what will your costume look like?)

Costume first (always dress for the occasion): spandex, green. Head to toe. Now, those villains? Wait...didn’t they fall into blithering idiots when I walked out in the costume. I mean, really!

Good point, Janet. Scope out Janet's website for a glimpse of her superhero costume, or follow her on Twitter.

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