Monday, April 30, 2012

Z is for Zombie

Most-Wanted Monsters is thrilled to be one of more than a thousand blogs taking part in the 2012 A -Z Blogging Challenge - 26 opportunities to help you survive a paranormal apocalypse. Don't let our epic monster limericks fool you - the lore we share about the beasties featured in each daily post could literally save your life. Know them before they GET you!

Why do you run? You smell so yummy.

Need your brains warm in my tummy.
Hack and slash me as you will,
I’ll just crawl and lurch like an imbecile.

Mindless. Restless. Hungry. We could be describing your next-door neighbour, or yourself on a cloudy Sunday afternoon of sports television, video game playing, or Net surfing...and perhaps we are - if that pesky zombie apocalypse has finally struck.
Zombies are the stuff of modern film, exercise workouts, graphic novels, fiction novels, picture books, group walks, hip dance moves, party trends, and bloody merchandise. 

While they maybe a killer money maker - you honestly wouldn't want to get mobbed by a zombie hoard at your local shopping mall...where the lowest price is your LIFE.
Whether spawned by a mutant virus, mind-controled by a Russian with a ray-gun, or reanimated by a mad scientist - zombies share similar traits. They lurch, jolt, crawl, run - and they do so, no matter how injured, dead, or undead. Decomposition is no imposition. These suckers are the Energizer Bunnies of the supernatural world. 

They. Just. Keep. Coming. And they seek only one thing. Living human flesh.

SURVIVAL TIP: Ironically, while zombies have no brains of their own to speak of, decapitation or a bullet to the brain is the only way to stop these unstopable creatures.

Come on, you iZombie tech geeks - what "Z" creatures plague your nation?

Now, stagger over to some of the other blogs on the A-Z Blogging Challenge FOR THE LAST DAY! We had such a blast doing this challenge and perhaps we saved a life or two. Thanks for joining us this month.

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  1. OK I know a way to kill a zombie take its leg off and whak it on the head with a spade