Monday, September 10, 2012

Back to Ghoul: Tools of the Monster Trade - Salt

Sure, most monsters are pretty good at wielding their beastly tools of the trade, but even hunters in training are likely to have a few tricks up their sleeves – starting with one of the most common household items: Salt.

Yep, that white stuff isn’t just great for seasoning or preservation – it’s also a spiritual tool, working hard against impure and unclean spirits.

If you’re into paranormal movies and TV shows like Supernatural – and really, you should be – you may have noticed the Winchester boys (or pretty much all slayers)  pouring a line of salt across the path of a windowsill or doorway. That’s because salt bars entry for unwanted spirits.

You can also draw a salt circle for protection – but be careful. What Hollywood sometimes forgets to tell you is that salt lines are only effective in a “clean” house, and we’re not talking an impressive once over from MaidPro.

Your house must be physically AND spiritually clean for salt barriers to work. If you lay one without knowing what spirits have already entered, or you’ve forgotten to sweep up those spiritual dust bunnies, you could trap the entity IN your house. Probably not quite the effect you’re looking for.


  1. Yeah, i've totally seen this on Supernatural and whatnot...I wonder what it is about salt that makes it so powerful against evil...
    Some Dark Romantic