Monday, September 17, 2012

Back to Ghoul: Tools of the Monster Trade - Minions

Students aren’t the only ones heading back to the classrooms this month – it’s back to business for monster hunters, as well, especially with Halloween only a few weeks away.

Which is why we’ve dubbed September “Back to Ghoul”, featuring profiles on infamous tools of the trade, whether you’re a beastie or a monster slayer.

This week’s item is on every Evil Overlord’s wishlist: MINIONS – because we all know, bad help is hard to find.

A minion’s loyalty to his / her master is absolute, their willingness to sacrifice themselves – a given. They are considered the red-shirt army of evil doers. However, a minion is most valued for the unerring ability to confuse, infiltrate, false inform, seduce, induce sympathy from, or just plain annoy the “good guys” while the Evil Overlord makes a quick getaway.

As a diversionary tactic – there’s no thing better. Where would Doctor Frankenstein be without Igor? Dracula without the spider-eating Renfield? Saruman without his orcs? Lord Voldemort sans Death Eaters? The Emperor without Darth Vader?

And we leave you with this prime example: Scrappy Doo. 

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