Monday, September 3, 2012

Back to Ghoul: Tools of the Monster Trade - Athame

Students aren’t the only ones heading back to the classrooms – it’s back to business for monster hunters, as well, especially with Halloween only a couple of months away.

Which is why we’ve dubbed September “Back to Ghoul” – a month of profiles on infamous tools of the trade, whether you’re a beastie or a monster slayer.

This week’s item, the Athame, is to witches what a pencil is to any student – an elementary, essential tool. Athames and their uses are documented in the famous Grimoire, the Key of Solomon. A ritual dagger, or knife, with a double-edge blade, and often sporting a black or wooden handle – an athame is not intended to draw blood. Instead, this tool is used to direct energy, to invoke or banish, as well as to cast magic circles.

Runes or magical symbols may be engraved on the handle, or hilt, and the blade itself may be anointed with herb infused oils to enhance its strength.

Remember, a newly acquired athame, given or purchased, must be purified via a specific ritual in order before use to avoid lingering influences – as the dagger is a reflection of the one who wields it.

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