Monday, September 24, 2012

Honing YOUR killer's instinct

For the four young monster hunters in Killer's Instinct, knowledge is power.

Whether it's learning how to execute a perfect roundhouse kick while wielding an athame, discovering the differences in protection powers between salt and holy water, or memorizing the vital stats on every Tom, Dick and Frank..enstein, the crew lean on an ancient survival guide hidden within the guarded walls of La Manoir, an elite training facility for emerging monster hunters.

The full guide is top secret - but snippets of information are contained within this blog's archives. From cryptids to the classics, we've profiled the creatures that keep you up all night, the beasties that terrorize your nightmares.

But most importantly, we've provided tips on how to survive them.

Go on, take a look. Know them before they get YOU.

For more on Killer's Instinct and the four young hunters charged with taking out the world's most-wanted monsters, visit this blog.

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