Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for Cupid

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Faith in the chubby cherub is no longer smart
In times of recession, Jagger aims for your heart
And should she miss
Gone is true love's kiss
Beware of her deadly black dart

What's that you say? Cupid is no beast?

Tell that to the love scorned, unrequited and just plain desperate. History's most recognized Valentine's Day symbol has a somewhat sketchy track record and continues to amass a long line of enemies. Consider the book written by actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, The Day I Shot Cupid (Luckily, just a flesh wound!) or the mass produced T-shirts bearing the slogan, Cupid is on my hit list.

Kidding aside, while the chubby cherub is often credited for matchmaking some of the greatest loves of all time, not everyone anxiously awaits Cupid's arrival. As society's expectations of "eternal love" become increasingly more jaded, it has never been more important for Cupid's aim to be true.

Unfortunately, today's arrow-toting matchmaker often misses the mark. She's jaded, full of snark, and romantically challenged - and she sure as heck ain't no chubby cherub. Luckily, ou don't have to hunt this beastie down, she's here

SURVIVAL TIP: More than happy to stay single? Stay in, order pizza and watch your favorite movies. But steer clear of romantic comedies, or you'll be wearing your heart on your sleeve before you can say, "Back off, Cupid!"

Had a Cupid encounter? Don't be afraid to share. Got a question for Jagger? You're better off asking it here.

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1 comment:

  1. Good advice to steer clear of romantic comedies. They are a woman's plot (well, one of many) to ensnare the unwilling).

    Cupid is a monster, and in our contemporary times love is ever misinterpreted. One must be cognizant of the dichotomy between lust and love..., or else!