Friday, April 20, 2012

R is for Rakshasa

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They wander in the heart of night


looking for a hell of a fight.

Bringers of death, masters of illusion,

A showdown with you has but one conclusion.

Rakshasa, or man-eater, is a creature of Hindu lore. Females are known as Rakshasi. Talk about monsters with all the Aces up their sleeves. Rakshasa have more supernatural powers than most in the paranormal world. They can shapeshift (assuming animal or human forms), venom in their fingernails, have fangs, flaming red eyes, long, icky tongues, can vanish, fly, are powerful warriors and killers for hire, work magic, and confuse their enemies with intricate illusions.

Said to be a race of supernatural beings, Rakshasa once fought epic battles alongside both the good and the evil. However, don't ever drop your guard - all Rakshasa feed on human flesh. Yup, they have an insatiable hunger for the "other, other" white meat. So don't go getting too comfortable.

SURVIVAL TIP: While Rakshasa have an arsenal of killer skills at their disposal, they can be defeated by one rare, super sekret weapon called the Brahmastra which can only be used once in a lifetime and requires enormous mental strength to control. The downside of using the Brahmastra (if you can find it) - loads of collateral damage - the thing will destroy surrounding ecosytems. Oy!

Alright, let us have it - what "R" beast could take on a Rakshasa?

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  1. Ooo...I love mythical monsters! I have no idea what 'R' monster could take a Rakshasa. I should probably find out 'cause you never know ....
    PS - I'm following. Mwahaha ;)

    1. Heya Janyce (cool name BTW)! Thanks for following us - we were debating over doing a Reaper post for "R". We don't fear them, you the badass Rakshasa was just too....badass, you know?

  2. That sounds like a terrifying creature! I'd certainly never want to see that mask at night . . . LOL.

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