Friday, April 27, 2012

X is for X-MEN

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From the minds of Kirby, and of Lee
Come scientific versions of monstrosity.
Holding up a graphic mirror to human kind
Showing our inner beasts, one comic at a time.

Since 1963 Stan Lee and Jack Kirby have entertained comic lovers with the ever unfolding saga of the X-Men. These two brilliant and creative forces united to put a scientific spin on mythology and folklore. Forget magic and mystery, spells and incantations, the REAL reason behind the lore of our darkest fears - an eXtra gene causing mutations in human DNA.

That's right. They're not monsters, people, they're just human MUTANTS - with good and evil among their diverse ilk. Once outted, the mutants face a hostile reception from the average-Joe human population. They soon see the benefits of aligning with either the caring, "good", Professor Xavier and his X-Men, or with the fierce, "evil", Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants.

The two factions serve as a reflection of human society, revealing our darkness: prejudice, fear of the unknown, intolerance, greed - and yet the villains of the Marvel Universe often have sympathetic orgins. Magneto, himself, a survivor of a concentration camp.

SURVIVAL TIP: Arm yourself with knowledge of the mutants - read the X-Men comics, watch the may see something of your own inner beast.

Fess up - what "X" beast looks back at you from your mirror?

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  1. I love X-Men! Nothing like a little claw in my diet! Thanks for the great post!

  2. Agreed.

    You know....we're going to announce winners of the free SPIRITED ebooks soon - Jack just might clean up - he's been such a great commenter during this tour. Thanks, Jack!

  3. Another X-Men post haha! Awesome - that was my topic too.