Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for Succubus

Most-Wanted Monsters is thrilled to be one of more than a thousand blogs taking part in the 2012 A -Z Blogging Challenge - 26 opportunities to help you survive a paranormal apocalypse. Don't let our epic monster poems fool you - the lore we share about the beasties featured in each daily post could literally save your life. Know them before they GET you!


Sexy, nimble, full of heat

Visits victims while they sleep

First the pleasure, then the pain

Dying as they scream her name.

As with her brother, the Inccubus, the Succubus is one of the hottest paranormals in the monster game. Drop dead gorgeous, simmering with latent sexual heat, she'll drain a victim dry as they sleep, blissfully experiencing the bestest fantasy sex EVER.

Her visitations are believed to be the cause of wet dreams, harmless enough if she moves on to other prey. However, a succubus can become fixated on a victim, her visits become relentless, and after a few nights - the victim dies - depleted.

But what a way to go, right?


Descriptions of these beasts haven't always been so flattering. Old lore gives them demonic features, vampire / bat-like wings, horns - no leather or whips to be found. Thanks to our modern obsession with giving the paranormal world a sparkly makeover - we're betting these ladies have taken to hiding their true visage.

To deflect a succubus attack, avoid sleeping on your back, leave the lights on, and set your alarm clock at regular intervals during the night to snap you out of your dreams. You'll respect yourself more in the morning - if you survive.

Got another "S" beastie that can give a Succubus a little competition?

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  1. Awesome "S" post.
    I'm a fan of Lost Girl and isn't she a Succubus too? What an interesting power and effect combination this creature has.

    Jenny @ Pearson Report
    Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

  2. Thanks Jenny! We're big fans of Lost Girl as well and Bo was the inspiration behind our Succubus post. Damn cool....and smoking hot, of course.