Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is for Valkyrie

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Demi-goddess with a task of honour
Scour battlefield dead for the best men in armour.
They'll fight again on the other side. 
Guide them to Odin, a dangerous ride

Valkyrie are harbingers of death, givers of wishes, as well as servants to the Norse god, Odin, duty-bound to ferry fallen soldiers to Valhalla to the great war at the end of the world. In some instances a valkyrie actually chooses who lives or dies on the battlefield.

Often travelling in groups, wearing waist-length armour, holding spears or swords, and helmeted, the valkyrie are true warriors themselves and fight in battles as much as they walk among the dead. They are associated with wolves, horses, and ravens, even assume their forms. They also use their animal companions to find carnage and corpses.

Depicted as beautiful, despite their deadly intent, valkyrie have been known to occasionally favour human warriors and protect them in battle, yet, ultimately have to sacrifice their lovers for the good of Odin's army.

SURVIVAL TIP: If you see a valkyrie while in battle, you may die in that very fight. Get your last punches in while you can - make it count - and hope she likes what she sees.
Come on, brave soldiers - what "V" beastie strikes fear in your hearts?
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