Monday, April 9, 2012

H is for Hunter

Most-Wanted Monsters is thrilled to be one of more than 1500 blogs taking part in the 2012 A -Z Blogging Challenge - 26 opportunities to help you survive a paranormal apocalypse. Don't let our epic monster limericks fool you - the lore we share about the beasties featured in each daily post could literally save your life. Know them before they GET you!


Buffy and Beowulf may have paved the way
But new monster hunters are born each day
And all get a thrill
From an epic monster kill
It's slay the beast! Or be the prey
Oh sure, the ladies love Supernatural's Sam and Dean Winchester, but these boys are more than just a pretty face. 

They're the latest breed of monster hunter, human crusaders for a paranormal-free world. And believe us, it's no easy task. 

Luckily, Sam and Dean are not the first to wield a wooden stake, or banish the undead with goofer dust and salt. Pop culture has created an army of monster-slaying heroes - from the humorous ghostbusting duo of Bill Murray and Dan Ackroyd, to the kick-ass moves of Michelle Geller in Buffy the Vampire Slayer to the fictional retelling of Abraham Lincoln, not your average monster hunter. 

The Most-Wanted Monsters series is designed to help you join a legion of fearless slayers. With more than 676 life-saving tips, our survival guides will not only help you deke out the beastie under you bed, we'll help you destroy it.

Know them before they GET you.

So, when there's something wrong, in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? Name your favorite monster slayer in the comments below and you could win an e-copy of SPIRITED, an anthology of 13 haunting stories.

And then, why not head over to some of the other blogs on the A-Z Blogging Challenge.


  1. Haha, that's an awesome poem. And theme. LOVE Buffy, but the Winchesters are pretty badass too. Great post!

    1. S.L. - would you believe I didn't become a Buffy fan until a few years ago? Oy. All that awesomeness I was missing out on! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Gosh, I am out of the loop with this, since I don't watch monster shows.

    1. Karen, we'd be happy to point you in the direction of a few good ones :-)

  3. I haven't seen their show yet, but plan to remedy that soon. Buffy was awesome and is missed.

    1. We miss Buffy, for sure, but Supernatural fills the paranormal hole for sure!

  4. Not going to mention how many Supernatural marathons I've had over the last few years... or Buffy for that matter... but think it's time for another one! :D