Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O is for Ouija Board

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Forget Facebook, it’s the oldest party line

Communication of the dark, demonic kind

No picture or profile needed

Just a human soul unheeded.

The word Ouija is derived from the French “Oui” and the German “Ja” – in essence, users are giving a resounding “YES” to whatever entities, ghosts, demons, or subconscious thoughts that are attracted to the board during its use.

Kinda creepy, eh?

From a writers point of view, the Ouija board has a literary history. From Willia Peter Blatty’s horror novel turned film, Exorcist ,in which a young girl is possessed by a demon via use of a Ouija board, to the entity known as Patience Worth, who over a five year period communicated with a woman who faithfully transcribed her words. The result of those Ouija sessions? 5 novels, a play, short stories and a bevy of poems.

Users have found solace from Ouija, sought answers to soul-searching dilemmas, and yet, murders, suicides, acts of inhuman violence, and madness have been attributed to this simple board of letters, numbers, and a heart-shaped pointer.

Ouija remains the most used, and controversial, method of divination in the Western World, with similar devices documented in the ancient civilizations of Egypt and China.

Survival Tip: Despite Parker Brothers cheerful packaging, Ouija boards should not be used as toys, and most certainly, never, ever used alone. It is important to slide the pointer to “Goodbye” before ending a session…if you do not…the line of communication remains open.

What say you - got a Ouija experience to share?

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  1. I had a creepy experience with one of these and I've never really gotten over it.

  2. Oh, of course we now want to know more!