Saturday, April 28, 2012

Y is for Yeti

Most-Wanted Monsters is thrilled to be one of more than a thousand blogs taking part in the 2012 A -Z Blogging Challenge - 26 opportunities to help you survive a paranormal apocalypse. Don't let our epic monster limericks fool you - the lore we share about the beasties featured in each daily post could literally save your life. Know them before they GET you!

Whiteout. Snowblind. Here a scream.

Abominable. Terrible. Eyes that gleam.
Man-eater, life taker, or harmless hominid?
In the mountains of Tibet we’ve carefully hid.

This winterized Bigfoot lives in the Himalayas and has captured the imaginations of the Western world since the first climbers of Mount Everest discovered his giant footprints in 1953. Since then, sightings and even hair samples have been recorded annually. Even the King of Nepal retains officials charged with keeping track of Yeti sightings.

While legends often depict a hungry, lumbering, snowbound predator, other stories tell of Yeti taking human wives. Women who have returned to their villages - seemingly unharmed. As well as tales of these giant white-haired hominids saving the lives of lost or injured mountain climbers.

What tales should be believed? Or like most humans - are there good and evil Yeti striding through wintery mountain passes?

SURVIVAL TIP: Kind of like the varying advice of how to react if you encounter a bear in the woods - play dead, or stand your ground - one Yeti may be more dangerous than another. There's no way to tell. Our advice? Stick with wall climbing.

Come on, give us your best shot - what "Y" beast sends a chill down your spine?

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  1. My nephew, who is not 30, still believes there are Yeti in the woods where he hunts. He is scared of them.

  2. Hi...I'm hopping over from the A to Z Challenge. Can you believe the challenge is almost over? Lovely blog...good luck with future posts!

    Donna L Martin