Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q is for the Queen Mary

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Queen Mary

Slicing through the swelling waves

Carrying troops to unmarked graves

Now she's docked, a tourist trap

The dead she ferries don't care much for that.

She first set sail in 1934, a majestic ocean liner, and a distant cousin to the likes of the great Titanic. While she's still afloat, the Queen Mary has an unusually high death count for a cruising vessel.

WWII saw her refitted to carry troops. Once she sliced through the middle of an escort ship to outmanoeuvre a German U-boat, causing the death of 300 friendly soldiers. It's said their screams and the pounding of their fists on the her sides can still be heard. After over 1000 voyages, a ship like the Queen Mary has seen her share of civilian death as well. Some of those souls linger. You can meet them if you like.

The first class pool is haunted by drowning victims, the Queen's Salon by a woman in white, the ships morgue - oy! - and cabin B340 is so full of crazy disturbances, it's rarely rented out.

That's right, this historic vessel, with her ghostly inhabitants, can be walked at leisure by the thrill-seekers among us. She's docked in Long Beach, California - converted into a hotel and interactive museum.

SURVIVAL TIP: The Queen Mary is like an old, wise woman, with dark secrets. Kind of like "old" Rose in the Titanic film. So don't go ticking her off, or your stay may be as eternal as the sea.

Alright - what "Q" beast rocks YOUR boat?

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