Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for Faery

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To catch a faery, you need not sleuth
Just look to our lore for all your proof
They'll steal and bite
Start a whimsical fight
But in the end, shall always tell the truth
Cinderella's fairy godmother, Thumbelina, Tinkerbell, the tooth fairy - pop culture has created a legion of wing-bearing, good-will-doing faerie folk. But the truth is (and a faery can never lie) these wee beasties have a habit of going bad...for no apparent reason. 

We're not kidding. Faeries can either help humans - or harm them, ranging in everything from biting, to an all and out magical war. 

But, you protest, they don't look scary... Depends on your angle. Much like the elven clan, female faeries are often depicted as young humans, most times with wings and piercing green eyes. They're said to live close to nature, appearing as elements of the natural world. They're the wee folk, the people of the peace...

...until they snap. Then it's time to hold on to your babies and batten down the hatches. These mischievous creatures are seasoned thieves.

Think about that the next time you put your tooth under a pillow.

SURVIVAL TIP: Lady Cottington thought she had it all figured out, trapping faeries between the pages of a diary that soon became the infamous Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book. Sure it sold millions, but we'd advise a more...humane approach. Arm yourself with rowan and herbs, or take a page out of a Melissa Marr novel and surround yourself with iron.

Like the elves, faeries have a darker side. Does it frighten you? Tell us why (or why not) in the comments below and you could win an e-copy of SPIRITED, an anthology of 13 haunting stories.

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  1. No, can't say that faeries bother me.

  2. I love the theme you have going here. And the Fae can be tricky little creatures!
    Great A-Z post!

    1. Thanks, Nutschell! We'll head over and check out your A-Z posts, too :-)

  3. Yeah, Faeries kind of freak me out because they look cute, yet I know they have sharp teeth and short tempers. Your anthology sounds cool. I'm over from A to Z, so stop by if you like. I'm talking about forests today, and not all is so friendly in the forest either! #640 at Catherine Stine's Idea City.

    1. Indeed, their tempers alarming! We'll definitely stop by your blog...forests harbor all kinds of beasties.

  4. Faeries...not the first mystical creature one may be afraid of, but I blame Disney for that. Older folktales give the faeries a deeper, less ridiculous nature, and yes, I would be leery about messing with a little pixie that can turn on a dime. Nice description.

  5. I don't know, Tinkerbell kind of freaks me out sometimes :-D
    Thanks for stopping by, Rachel.