Friday, April 13, 2012

L is for Loch Ness

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Loch Ness Monster
Beware the cryptid Nessie who lives amidst the Loch
A serpentine beast swimming amongst the rock
No monster fish
Or Scottish wish
Old Ness will give you quite a shock

Of all the water cryptids in the world, Nessie is the most famous. 

Though her reign of terror is somewhat tame compared to some of the other monsters on our most-wanted list, she’s haunted the Scottish Highlands since 565 AD – and sightings of various authenticity have been reported regularly since 1933.

Most often described as having a small head, long neck, broad body, four flippers and a long tail, she’s often mistaken for a water dinosaur or a monster fish. How’d you like to hook that beastie?

Despite many attempts to lure her from the lake – including  throwing bacon onto the water from a hot air ballon (hey, we don’t make this stuff up) – the best pictures of this monster are grainy at best.

Still, we wouldn’t advise going for a swim.

SURVIVAL TIP: Stay on the shore! Though Nessie isn’t known for violence,  she is considered a Kelpie

Kelpies are a pretty freaky "K" - but if you've got a scarier beast in mind, let us know. Tell us in the comments below and you could win an e-copy of SPIRITED, an anthology of 13 haunting stories.

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  1. I always wanted to keep Nessie as a pet. She looks so sweet. Like a big sea brontosaurus.

    1. I grew up in BC, where the Ogopogo was the "water beast of choice" - also sweet looking! I agree...if only I didn't worry about them eating me :-/

  2. I remember Nessi from when I was a kid! Gosh, at the time, Nessi and Bigfoot ruled! Nowadays, they're just legends people shrug at. But for me, they still rule!!!!

    1. Yes, Nessie is among the classics. These days, there seems to be more "violent" monsters to worry about. While Nessie and Bigfoot are big and beastly, they don't have a serial killer track record like some of the modern monsters. Great comment! Thank you.